Film Theory

Beatriz teaches film theory and writes film reviews for
La Raza, among other publications, and has published scholarly essays on film

"Olympia." Film & History (excerpted below)

"Food and sex, that's all we're good for: Images of women in Like Water for Chocolate."
Journal of Film and History, Popular Culture Center, Cleveland, Oh, 1998.  (excerpted below)

Film Reviews in
La Raza and other publications 1999-2002:

Romantica y moderna "Los amantes del Circulo Polar"

Buena Vista Social Club

Eyes Wide Shut

Run Lola Run:  Como el presente puede cambiar el futuro (en un segundo) July 10, 1999

Olympia, published in Film & History
Review excerpt:  …  "Watching the concluding scene at the Olympics, I wondered if her name had sealed her fate, a remarkable choice of name which did not appear obvious to me until that moment. Olympia survives and triumphs, despite the obstacles. As a matter of fact, during the credits the song "I  will survive" is heard, albeit with the changed lyrics to suit the story. I enjoyed this film but am left with certain questions: does she use men to succeed? Or--do they use her? Can a woman ever be completely free of men's domination as long as we live in a patriarchy?  If yes--at what price? If not--why not?  Is it then a requirement for a woman to succeed to be more like a man?  Olympia reflects some of the qualities we traditionally ascribe to men: brute physical strength, single-mindedness, individuality, self centeredness. The eternal dilemma rears its confusing head again: can we be good, kind human beings and succeed too?…"

Food & Sex, That's All We're Good for:  Images of Women in Like Water for Chocolate (1993)
Film & History, Vol 28.1-2 (1998)
"… I suppose that some presence is better than none. Should we applaud the fact that a Mexican production with Mexican actors based on a Mexican novel enjoyed such unprecedented success in the United States?  We should certainly congratulate them. But we should also interrogate it and question its consequences…"

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