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"You will go back to this collection for many return visits," says reviewer Julie Parsons-Nesbitt.

An excerpt of my poem 'Mapmaker'
appears in the elevated trains of
Chicago as part of the Poetry in
Motion program of the CTA.

Beatriz Badikian-Gartler, Ph.D. is a  Chicago poet, teacher of writing and literature, multilingual speaker, and world traveler. 

Book Publications:

Mapmaker Revisited: New and Selected Poems. Chicago: Gladsome Books, 1999. Mapmaker Revisited is a newly revised and expanded edition of Beatriz' previous collection, Mapmaker, (now out of print). 

Mapmaker. Chicago: Red Triangle Books, 1994.
Akewa is a Woman and other poems. Chicago: MARCH/Abrazo Press, 1989.
Akewa is a Woman. Chicago: MARCH/Abrazo Press, 1983.

Partial list of published poems:

"Cajas de zapatos" ("Shoeboxes"), "I  have been painting on leaves," "Neither Here Nor There," "Our Work."  "Entre el corazon y la tierra (Between the heart and the land)."  Chicago: March/Abrazo Press, 2001.           

"Terra Mater," "In the Garden."  Seeding the Snow.  Chicago, 2000             

"We are Penelope." Her Mark calendar. Woman Made Gallery, 2000           

"The writer at her work." Powerlines.  Chicago: Tia Chucha Press, 1999           

"The Butterfly."  Pleiades.  Missouri: Central Missouri State University, 1994.

"Ragdale Evenings",  Borderlands and Barrios.  New Jersey: Routledge Press, 1994.           

"Elements for an autobiographical poem." People Profiles.  Toronto: Prentice Hall, Inc., 1993.           

"We are what we dream." Ruptures: la revue de trois Ameriques.  Montreal: Ruptures Press, 1993 (in translation).

"Martha reads." Hammers.  Evanston: Doublestar Press, 1993.           

"Elements for an autobiographical poem." Hammers.  Evanston: Doublestar Press, 1992.           

"Un Poema Argentino." The Poetry Connection: Dial-a-Poem Tenth Anniversary Anthology.  Chicago: The Chicago Office of Fine Arts, 1991

"This collection is to be read, prodded, stoked, and sung.  It is offered to us by a poet who, while contemplative at intervals, is full of the flame that gives verse to the conflicts and longings of the heart in exile."

From a review by Margaret E. McColley

"Throughout the book are many poems written in Spanish. One, "Sentirte Cerca," is translated by the poet. These poems add much to the book and in fact make visceral through language the world citizenship of the migrant."

From a review by Erik Kestler

"The poetic voice is strong in both English and Spanish, and one of the many virtues of the book is that it does not provide translations of the poems: they simply exist on their own terms, directly and honestly.  These are among the best poems coming out of Chicago either in English or Spanish, and the book as a whole is a pleasure to read."

From a review by John Barry

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"One night in the village we became
all the women who've ever shared their lives from the beginning of time"

© Beatriz Badikian-Gartler

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