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     U.S. Latina Writing in the New Millennium

 Dr. Beatriz Badikian-Gartler
originally published in La Otra Artes & Letras

     ... After the opening of the 1960s, Chicanas, Puertorican and Cuban women writers slowly made their way into the academy.  Now women writers from other groups must be allowed in.  For the new millennium we must develop a canon and a theoretical body of work that encompasses all of us -- U.S. born and not, South Americans and Central Americans, lower class and middle class, native speakers of English and native speakers of Spanish, political exiles and economic refugees - while allowing for individual, national, and class differences.

    Yet it must be recognized that differences exist, and that they cannot be dismissed, forgotten or erased. The dialectical aspect of the reality of Latinas in this country, transported from our places of origin, is palpable, cannot be ignored. ...

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